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In 2016, inner city boys are still three times more likely to be permanently excluded from school at least nine times more likely to have a learning difficulty. It is well known that many children on free school meals in England do much worse in school than their classmates who are not. Often they start school with a skills deficit and never catch up. But a lesser-known fact is that among these, white British boys do as badly as any other main group. British black Caribbean boys on free school meals have improved faster and have closed the achievement gap, but still only one third of them reach the expected level at 16 (Ofsted 2013).

The logic is based on evidence that boys at risk of moving into secondary schools, facing either exclusion, placements in Alternative educational provision, or life on the streets, run a high risk of becoming involved in anti social/criminal behaviour. If schools lose them at this transition point and families are not able to prevent it, they are on a negative trajectory. We target the intervention in Years 5 and 6. It comprises five group sessions with a clear selection criteria combined with one to one sessions with the boys identifying a need for individual support. This work can also include whole school assemblies to destigmatize our service and After School groups with an open door policy to achieve the same.


Primary transition project (Year 6) Primary to secondary transition project (Year 6) Amberley youth project

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